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Breadspreads is the dive of a restaurant that serves as a snowboarder hangout in Whistler in the book.  There was a real Breadspreads, and it was a sandwich place, just not in Whistler, and it closed before Godblog came out.  It might even have closed before I finished writing it.  Breadspreads was in downtown Toronto, spitting [...]

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The genesis of the Cancer Anger Kit

In Godblog, Dag hears about a young woman with cancer, the admin assistant of one of his regular corporate executive customers.  We don’t know his personal past experience with anyone with cancer, (though there is some).  Even though he hasn’t any apparent personal connection with this young woman, suddenly, the Hero of the Teeming Masses comes up with the [...]

The fancypants brunch at the hotel

There are a couple of things in Heathen and Grace’s fancy hotel brunch on Stewie’s dime that I cribbed from real life. 
The idea of items on the gourmet dessert buffet being the same cakes that the coffee shop served came from my first year university residence roommate.  Yes, I’ve been saving this one up for a [...]

First, apologies. Second, Godblog the e-book! Third, the Swedish Mafia.

First and foremost.  Apologies to anyone who has visited here (not the Russian spammers) and not found new content in what can only be described as an embarrassingly, and abysmally long time.  I resolve to be more diligent, if anyone hasn’t forgotten all about this space (and I don’t blame you if you have).
Secondly, for [...]

The BlackArts corporate memos

The corporate memos from BlackArts became part of the book out of frustration.  I was on a commuter train, with 45 minutes to kill.  I’d brought my laptop to work on Godblog and was determined to be disciplined about using this as writing time, and not just read.  I couldn’t get any purchase on an [...]

The writer in the coffeeshop

So, yeah, people will think this bit character is me.  It half-is and half-isn’t.  I did write a bunch of Godblog in coffee shops, soaking up atmosphere, and the smell of coffee in my clothes.  Which is ironic, because I don’t drink coffee, let alone triple espressos.
 When trying to think up some customers to populate [...]

Amazing Grace

Grace Rhoswen Dundonald is pretty fucking amazing.  All the good parts of her are inspired by a friend’s daughter.  Straight A student, beautiful, part-time model, basketball player, actress in school productions–all this are attributes of the real young lady.  I would tell my friend “She’s too good to be true!”  and “If I wrote her into [...]

Being Dag

One of the issues with being a writer is that people often mistakenly think you’ve written yourself into your works.  I’ve written many female characters, including some fiesty redheads that friends or family have thought were based on me.  In fact, six-foot, blond, single-parented, snowboarder Dag has more in common with me than any of them.
Dag sees [...]

“Where do you get your ideas?” and the genesis of Dag.

That’s the purpose for this blog.  A window into the creative process that culminates in a novel.  I couldn’t possibly tell people how to write, I can only talk about how I write, and more specifically, what kinds of things inspire me to the point that I actually put something down on the page that harks back to [...]