Laurie Channer

Laurie Channer

Laurie Channer has managed to throw off the shackles of a suburban and crowded upbringing to become a writer and crusader.  A mostly uneventful middle-class upbringing probably led to her fascination with things morbid and disturbing, which informs themes in her writing.

Laurie’s Saturdays as a child and part-time and summer jobs through high school and university were spent in public libraries.  This inspired her aspiration to having books on the library shelf with her name on them, and also to read extensively in non-fiction.  She learned to write by voraciously and contrarily reading everything except the classics the librarians recommended.  She’s still catching up on those.

A graduate of York University’s film school, where she learned other aspects of storytelling, Laurie considers herself a perpetual student of the media, and a film buff.

Laurie has spent almost all of her adult life in Toronto, with the exception of  two years in Calgary and a year in England, in the company of as many historical sites as could be reached in a day-trip from a small town in the very middle of the Midlands.  Her literary influences include Iain Banks, Jim Shepard, Ben Elton, Douglas Adams and the contributors to and, before those sites went corporate.

Laurie currently resides in Toronto with a vast array of baking supplies (cupcakes being her other creative outlet) skull and skeleton décor, and the minimum number of cats required to be an author.  Her day job is in a non-glamourous end of Toronto’s ever-beleaguered film and television industry, advocating for creative people.

Laurie Channer’s short stories have won a second prize and an honorable mention in the Toronto Star Short Story Contest  and appeared in the Canadian speculative fiction quarterly, On Spec, with solo pieces and in collaboration with Peter Watts (author of Blindsight and the Rifters trilogy from Tor Books). Her stories have also been published or reprinted in several anthologies in the company of such luminaries as Bram Stoker, Stephen Leacock, and Anton Chekhov, all of whom she gets billed above in the alphabetical author bios.  She has had a regular back-page space in Canadian Screenwriter magazine since 1998 with a column that is the print equivalent of a 1950’s VD film with its “don’t let this happen to you” cautionary tales for screenwriters.

Laurie volunteered for six years with Annex Cat Rescue in Toronto as a feral cat colony manager, feeding and trapping for spay/neuter-release programs and has rescued and socialized many felines for adoption.

Representation:  Beverley Slopen Literary Agency